Intervention: Anything But My Own Skin

Friday, September 10, 2010

Surfing the Cosmic Vibration

The room felt damp and the air felt warm against my skin as I passed under the door frame into the open room.  Hardwood floors were glistening under the yellow tinted lights that hung from the ceiling.  The moon and stars were painted on the left wall and a bright sunshine was painted on the right wall. Straight ahead, on the main wall, was nothing but a giant mirror that covered the entire wall.  Off in the corner was a wooden rack where pale green and faded purple yoga mats hung to the dry.  This was no ordinary yoga room, this was a hot yoga room.  

Being that I had never attended a yoga session, I grabbed one of the foamy community mats from the rack and laid it out near the back of the room.  I wasn't quite sure about the whole situation.  Even worse, the real yoga people were trickling in.  They all had their custom mats rolled up nicely and stuck under their arm.  Each one wore official stretchy pants and official yoga shirts.  I felt outplace with my knee length gym shorts and sleeveless shirt.  I clearly was a beginner.

Only minutes later, the tiny female instructor strolled in and turned the knobs on the heat machine.  The room quickly went from a stale warm feeling to blistering summer day.  I could barely breath as we moved from one pose to the next.  The sweat was dripping, but I could feel the tightness in my muscles lostening it's death grip.  I felt limber and able to move freely and the stress was melting.  My daily problems were fading.  My thoughts stayed only in the moment, not in the past and not in the future.  The problems of the past or the future no longer mattered.  I only felt the serenity of the moment.  Yoga was the cure for the mental grind of every day. 

An hour passed and now we laid face up with arms and legs stretched out.  The lights dimmed to a mere glow and the instructor whispered, "Let it all go, all the stress, all the worries, all the problems of the day... just let it go.  Save it for another time, let yourself surf the cosmic vibration."  My spirit floated from my body and joined the spiritual journey.  All the stresses of the day were lost.  I felt pure and clean like nothing else mattered.

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