Intervention: Anything But My Own Skin

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A little piece of the Ocean

My dog Beans sprang to the three foot tall desk and rested her fury two front paws on the amber colored wood.  Her hind legs stayed planted on the hardwood floor while her eyes darted from side to side.  She was staring into a little piece of the ocean, my coral reef fish tank.  I couldn't help but laugh as she growled, groaned, and nipped at the glass where the fish floated effortlessly behind.  I had just spent two hours cleaning the wall of green algae that had turned into an enchanted forest on the inside of the glass.  For the first time in two months I could see what was inside my tank.  There were all types of tropical colors.  The fish were bright orange, neon yellow, crystal blue, deep purple and light green.  The sand on the bottom of the tank was now perfectly white and the rays coming from the lights above penetrated to every corner of the tank.  The currents from the filters helped create a glowing look as the purple, blue, and yellow lights streamed their rays through the fresh current.  As I leaned back in the cool leather chair, I lifted my feet and propped them on the over sized chestnut colored desk.  My mind was lost in the enchanted world under the sea.  If only I could be in the tank too.  I would jump from one purple colored rock to the next like gravity never existed.  Then I would climb to the highest peak of the coral rock before letting go. The fish would swim by as I floated effortlessly toward the soft sand.  It was all dream, but it was a dream that I created.  A dream that I earned because I took the patience and the time to methodically clean the tank.  This was my reward.  The satisfaction of knowing I exercised complete patience when I carefully stacked the coral rock in the right formation to create under water arches where the fish could swim in and out like a game of tag.  I built this high.  I built this little escape.  It took work.  It took time.  It took patience, but now I got the reward.  The high.  The feeling of an earned positive experience. 

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