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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Gardening for the soul

It's been another long day at work.  Time seemed to pass slower than ever.  The computer screen could no longer hold my attention and I couldn't help but dream of five o'clock.  I've been couped up at this desk for way too long.  I can't take another email, another phone call, or another deadline.  But I need the paycheck.  I have to support my family.  So I rub my eyes, let out a sigh, and force my brain to concentrate on the next email.  What a pain!  But this is life.  I guess... 

Finally!  Five o'clock rolls by and I join the turtle pace line of traffic all the way up the interstate.  I'm not sure whats worse, sitting at my desk or sitting in this sea of shining metal, exhaust fumes, and miles of concrete.  All I want is to be in the serenity of my yard. 

Two hours later I pull into my driveway.  I waste no time in springing out of my stiff work clothes and into the comfortable set of garden clothes.  Before I know it, I'm standing on the soft green grass looking down at the plants that surround my front door.  I immediately start digging and the worries of the day melt away.  The warm sun erases the tension in my neck.  The green and purple flowers calm my soul.  The physical energy used to shovel the stubborn soil leaves room only for my mind to concentrate on the task at hand.  It's not easy.  It's no cake walk, but it is rewarding.  My hands are covered in dirt, the sweat creates a mud-like layer all over my knees, face, and hands.  But I smile.  I smile because I have added a new edition of yellow and green to my flower bed.  After I shower, I walk barefoot in the yard admiring my hard work.  The setting sun illuminates my new flowers.  I feel high on the reward of the new edition.  My soul, spirit, and mind feels refreshed, like the work day never existed. 

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