Intervention: Anything But My Own Skin

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Painting the master piece of the day.

I've had a good week so far.  There hasn't been any issues that pulled my brain to pieces or any situations that left me stranded without answers.  Nothing has gotten in my way and nothing has burdened my shoulders.  I feel at peace.  I feel calm.  I feel good, only because I have been creating the natural highs.  But the absence of stress does not mean life is at it's best.  No...  It could be better.  I crave something more.  I want the feeling of an earned reward.  I want the feeling of an elated mood.  I want that next natural high.

This week has simply been too plain.  The week feels like this plain white canvas sitting in front of me.  It needs color.  It needs life.  It needs me.  So I pull out my faded brown tackle box full paint.  On the front there is a smeared streak of yellow where the paint had once exploded.  I crack open the box and pull out the small plastic containers of red, yellow, and blue.  I squirt a glob of each on the ceramic painters dish and pull the hairs of the brush through the red glob.  My imagination takes off as my brush glides from side to side.  Blue paint comes next.  Then the yellow.  I'm creating a master piece.  The colors fill every inch of the once plain white canvas.  I'm actually surprised at how good it looks.  I have created a master piece.  Instead of sitting on the couch, I stretched my imaginative side and now have this feeling of pure bliss.  I feel enriched and not like a plain piece of paper.

What have you done to enrich your life?  Did you just go through the routine or did you turn your day into a master piece?

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