Intervention: Anything But My Own Skin

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Intervention 2 Teaser

Here is a snippet from Intervention 2, the book that will pick up after Intervention: Anything But My Own Skin.  I hope to be done with the writing portion in less than 6 months.

I pulled out my student ID from my jean's pocket and swiped it in the metal box by the glass doors. A red light signaled the door was unlocked and I walked in. The lobby lights were still off and the RA was nowhere in site. He was probably asleep behind the counter. I climbed up the five stairs and opened the door to the stairwell. There was no elevator. Elevators may not have existed yet when this building was built.
My room was on the hallway of the second floor, but instead of exiting the stairwell, I continued to climb to the third floor. The sleeping friends that were with me the night before were about the get a nice wake up call.
I pushed down on the steel handle of their dorm room and pushed it open. A smell of sleeping bodies was in the air. In the corner, a floor fan was circulating the stale air and the blinds were pulled shut.
The banging noise of the door hitting the concrete wall broke their sleep.  That was my plan, to wake them by not catching the door. Once the bodies shifted under the covers, I announced, “Wake up losers!”
They didn't respond, just rolled over, pulling the blankets close to their face.  I walked in between the two twin beds and said, “Hey! Get Up.”
One of the boys eyes opened slightly and he let out a groan, “Uh.” The other boy stayed silent. I pulled out the yellow tickets and slapped the boy's body. “Look! Look what I got last night.” His eyes focused on the tickets, which finally brought him to consciousness. He sat up in the bed and his eyes opened in a way that said 'oh no, the night before wasn't just a bad dream.'   

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