Intervention: Anything But My Own Skin

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wilderness Treatment Center Memoir

In 2004, I woke up to my parents and an escort team at four in the morning.  Because I was seventeen at the time, the escort team told me I would be going to rehab and that I did not have a choice in the matter.  With this news, my disease of addiction knew better than to protest.  I knew that I needed to wait until I got outside before I attempted my escape.  Needless to say, the escort team was prepared for the run away addict and my escape only landed me in handcuffs.  Less than five hours later I was landing in Montana where a counselor from the Wilderness Treatment Center was meeting me and my escort team.

Now, seven years later, I am sober, happy and have written a memoir about my experience.  My book, titled Intervention: Anything But My Own Skin chronicles my journey of being a teenage addict sent to the Wilderness Treatment Center against my will.  To get an inside look at what a teen experiences in treatment, click below:

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