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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bluebirds are singing... "daydream" by Kellie Coker

I am sitting down in the middle of a small field that has been freshly cut.  A cool breeze from the change of seasons is gently rustling the tallest branches of the trees that line the field.  My dog, Beans is jumping frantically, chasing a bumble bee then switching to chasing another bumble bee.  Beans cannot not choose which bee to chase, so she chases all the bees.  Her brilliantly white fur is blinding underneath the bright sun and the bees are flying from a patch of yellow flowers to a tree of bright purple flowers.  Suddenly, I see a streak of blue fly across my field of vision.  I am not sure what the unnatural blue color could be until the steak of blue lands on  a tree.  Then as suddenly as the first blue streak crossed my vision, another blue streak follows the same path also landing on a tree.  The sight of the two blue streaks landing on a tree is a sight I have been hoping to see for almost a year.  Nine months ago, Kellie (my girlfriend) and I hung a blue-bird house.  We have just discovered the two blue-birds have taken a liking to the house and made the small wooden house their home.  So now I sit in the field, stretching my legs, with the warm sunshine across my face, the gentle breeze in my hair, and the wondering thought of, do the blue birds sing a new song everyday?

Kellie recently published a song on itunes that dreams of having these events occur and I just witnessed this perfect moment she has been singing about in her songs.  To hear her song, "daydream," click song # 3 "daydream" after you click on this link >>   

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  1. I'm so happy my song came to life for you! :)
    For those who prefer iTunes here is the link to the same album: