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Monday, December 6, 2010

Drug and Alcohol Memoir: Preventing Addiction in Teens

How do you prevent drug use in teens? It's the ultimate question. Millions of dollars, hours of research, and tons of trial and error strategies have been used to decipher what is the best way to prevent drug use in teens. Sure, talking to your teen will help and so will the drug and alcohol awareness classes at school, but isn't there more we can do? Haven't we been doing these things for years? What else is there?

When it comes to drug use in teens, one of the most common reasons I've seen for teen usage is a low self-esteem. It's important to get your teen involved in groups that will boost his or her self-esteem though activities that are incompatible with drug use. However! Do not force your teen into the sport, group, or activity you enjoyed while you were in high school. Just because you were the star quarterback does not mean your teen wants to play a sport. Take the time to really find out what he or she enjoys, not what he or she thinks mom and dad will approve of.

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